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Water is like God

By Sri Madhusudan Naidu
Conversations over lunch or dinner have lead to so many gems of wisdom and here adds another one to the treasury of divine deliberations. In USA, when the ladies of the home brought lunch for Swami, each lady carried a dish to be served which Swami eagerly inquired about as to what was it, who made it and even commented on the nutritional or cultural importance of that food item, thereby giving each also a chance to interact with Him. And finally it was the turn of the last lady who came with a glass of water to offer it to Swami. So as to not disappoint her Swami said, “Oh! That’s the most important item! Without water no one could have cooked all the other items. Though water is colourless, odourless, tasteless and shapeless, yet without it none of these wonderful food items of varying colours, smells, tastes and shapes could have been prepared. Likewise, though God is without any name, form or attributes yet the whole world full of diverse forms and names are not possible without God, just like water, without which all these different dishes are not possible. Never forget this truth!” 
The lady who brought water was the happiest, for she had the longest conversation with Swami and the deepest one too!

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