Published on Jun 23, 2017





Precipitation Mediumship is the passion of Reverend Kevin Lee. Kevin is a Spiritual Medium, Healer, Paranormal Researcher and Senior Minister of Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida in Fort Lauderdale. On this episode we hear of Kevin’s interesting journey and some of the phenomena he has witnessed with his own eyes!
Show Host: Sandra Champlain


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All Souls Rose Service (Nov 01, 2015, Metaphysical Chapel)
This beautiful Sunday Service is an Annual tradition in our church as a way to honor not only all souls who have returned across the veil back to the higher realms of life, but especially to our Guiding Star, Rev. Ethel Post Parrish, who stands etherically present guiding the Metaphysical Chapel and the ministry of Rev. Kevin Lee towards greatness, as she did her own spiritualist center, the famous Camp Silverbelle (Ephrata, PA).

In this audio recording, you hear Rev. Kevin welcome all in attendance followed by our Meet and Greet ceremony where all say hello to their neighbors. Songs and prayers open up this service followed by beautiful meditative words and healing prayers being shared for all of those listed in the church’s Healing Prayer book. Rev. Kevin uplifted and taught the congregation through his own unique style of speaking and delivery for a full energetical effect upon all those present.

Blessed roses lay upon our holy alter up front, along with many framed photos brought by each guest to church this day. Each guest is invited to the alter to receive a sharing of sacred rose oil, to look at, pray for and honor their loved one laying in picture form upon the altar and finally receiving a sacred Blessed Rose from Rev. Kevin who stands to greet each guest as they approach and return to their seats in meditational consideration.

The service moves onward towards its beautiful closing segment of the Prayer of Protection, Gratitude and the singing of our favorite closing song, the Peace Song.

And so it is… and so we are!