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(*As of Dec 1st, 2017)

Kevin is not taking on New Cases or Clients at this time.

Kevin has very limited time available to devote to full scale professional paranormal investigations and clients who feel they are being “obsessed” and bothered/attacked by “lower negative souls”.

Please know that due to the incredible amount of time involved in pre-visit spiritual assessment/meditation/prayers, on-site research, questioning/interviews, spiritual assessment via mediumship, actual spiritual treatment of said space/property/person(s), close down/debriefing, report filing and post-visit spiritual assessment/meditation/prayers… very few cases will be possible, if any.

He does not just tune in, show up, treat and depart – as TV Programs falsely teach and inappropriately encourage. Such is VERY disrespectful to those troubled souls of issue. They are each souls, like you and I, with their own right to exist and to make the journey into higher realms of life at the speed they desire. 

Severe cases may be referred out to a professional exorcist overseas that Rev. Kevin has a spiritual relationship with. This gentleman’s fees are additional to any Rev. Kevin may charge.